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The Golden Globes

Let's take a moment to recognize the glowing beauties of the Golden Globes with some of my favorite makeup looks!!!

Everyone looked gorgeous, but I did have some favorites! I also did lament the LACK of false-lashes on a few ladies who could have stood a boost in the lash department under those bright red carpet / stage lights! More on that later.

First, who knocked it out of the park?

KATE Winslet! - Those half lashes, that thin eyeliner, that soft navy smoky lid! Stunning! I don't even mind the rugged, natural look of her brows because the shape of them is so nice over her eyes. She is a winner. Literally AND figuratively! I can't stop looking at it. Everything is perfect. Lisa Eldridge deserves a golden globe for this perfect makeup application.

Amy Schumer -

I have not seen ONE thing that Amy Schumer has done, I even missed the section where she and Jennifer Lawrence presented. People I know generally either LOVE her or love to HATE her. I have no opinion, but I do think her makeup artist, Andrea Tiller NAILED IT using all Sephora brand products! The smokey navy/black eye with silver is amazing!!! The false lashes are perfect. I love it all and I think it really accentuates her otherwise small eyes, and the shape of her face really really well. I hate the hair, but that's someone elses

J.Lo. - Literally that is all I am saying. Always flawless. Whatever thousands she spends on skin care monthly, I wish I could have it, and it's working. I mean, this face is perfect.. In my humble opinion. Can't get over that lip. I would like to meet Mary Phillips, and I would let her do my face any day. Which is saying something...

Rooney Mara - She looks a little like an alien woodland elf, and I love it. The glowing skin is bananas, and I love the lip color, the drama of her perfectly on-fleek brows, and the false lashes with a sheer glowing lid is a great doe-eyed look. Love! Kate Lee - an imaginary candidate for doing my wedding makeup. (jk. I'm doing it myself.)

Olivia Wilde - is a stunning human, and Jason Sudekis is a lucky man. A moment for that power couple... ok. So her eyes are amazing and piercing, and she can totally pull off this red/plum shimmery smokeyness that Jo Baker expertly applied. It is pretty all encompassing from well below the lower lash line to all the way around and to the upper lid with that color. It's a commitment, but I think it's glamorous My only qualm is: did they forget about her eyebrows? An eye that strong needs the solid framework of a strong brow. I am not saying they're not well manicured brows, they're great, the shape, her bone structure - duh! - But they look like they were left completely unattended and I am not happy about those bare patches.

Lily James - I LOVE this girl. I just want to be her friend. I loved her first as Rose on Downton Abbey and then when she became and completely embodied that beautiful portrayal of Cinderella, forget it. Maybe I just have dress envy because of that blue Cinderella gown, but I want to be her. This look is perfect for her. She's going back to her roots with hair and the makeup matches. This makes so much sense as her makeup artist Jenn Streicher and her hair stylist Ashley Streicher are SISTERS!!! I love this!!! A super natural false lash, with a light copper underline, and a soft smoky brown lid, and delicately manicured brows. I love the soft glow of the barely there cheek color, and the natural lip is lovely. Just Lovely!!!

Now for the fallen short...

Jennifer Lawrence - The colors were right on, but this girl is ALWAYS going to be accepting an award of late, so make her look like it! Did they FORGET fake eye lashes? She has really deep set eyes with a heavy lid. She NEEDS false lashes. JUst a little, to pull the eyes out from the heavy lids. I love her sense of humor, but this was not funny to me. The rest of her makeup looked SO good, but her eyes looked SO squinty on camera. I was sad. Jillian Dempsey is known for a very understated, natural look, and if that's what JenLaw was going for, good. The red lip is lovely.

Eva Green - I am. OBSESSED. with Eva Green. This woman is fearless and scary and so gorgeous and so talented. She is a procelain queen. I am in love with Penny Dreadful and her acting is EVERYTHING to me. She is actually my favorite woman out of all of these women, and that's really saying something. I also am OBSESSED with her makeup artist, the goddess among us: Charlotte Tilbury. I have secretly been coveting every piece of makeup from her makeup line for over a year now... But girl, Eva needed some visine. NOTE: This could have occurred if someone was smoking nearby, or she was emotional or dried out. It could have happened after the fact, and there's nothing you can do about that, unless Eva carried her own visine, but ain't nobody got time for that. With skin that fair, hair that dark, eyes that blue and lips that red - you can pick out every minute detail of her face. I love this look (That ear cuff!!!) and I love Eva, but her eyes were noticeably off-color and irritated looking. A little drop would have probably done the trick. It was less noticeable on camera, but in photos it is unfortunately very noticeable. *note to self: stock more visine for makeup case

Emilia Clarke - The Mother of Dragons, herself. Looking ferocious in a turtleneck button-up gown by Valentino with attached CAPE and intense beading. The whole thing is amazingly dramatic. But where is the makeup to match? This is disappointing and embarrassing, because her makeup artist, Sabrina Bedrani DID pack the visine (see instagram) AND she is the spokesperson for Dior.. so maybe I'll be excommunicated for expressing my opinion on this look. I'm not saying crazy deep brows (her famously expressive brows need no extra attention) and a smokey eye, or a bright lip color - definitely the natural lip was the right choice, but this literally looks like they ran out of time. She has some creamy grey colored eyeshadow on, nothing done to the brows, and I don't even see mascara on the bottom lashes. There is literally nothing happening to her eyes, and it completely is the Gown wearing the Girl. Her face gets lost in the haze of Valentino perfection. She needs a fake eyelash, and some sort of cut crease in a darker shadow, and maybe a little black eyeliner on top... I mean come on... it's THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS.

Brie Larson - The Winner of the night! Brie Larson is beautifully bronzed and natural, thanks to Rachel Goodwin. She is confident and effortless, and her golden gown was perfect to match her golden globe! I love the colors on her eyes, and the natural tones on the rest of her face. On camera, however, the amount of copper around her eyes went a bit low under the lash line, and really very high - practically all the way to the brows. In a lot of photos and camera angles when she was smiling big (which was most of the night, and rightly so) her eyes looked puffy and swollen because of the brown all the way around them. I liked it, I just think a little more definition would have been nice, because, like Jennifer Lawrence, this is another girl with a deep set eye and heavy fold to her eyelids.

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