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  • Theresa

Can't Work Without: Well-Rested

This week, on Sh*t I Can't Work Without - Bare Minerals well-rested under-eye powder; or let's be real here - "wherever-you-need-it powder. I know you love your liquid or cream concealer - which most all of us so desperately almost always - ESPECIALLY New Years Day (woof.) need. It is a God-send. However, sometimes... well, a lot of the time... when applying a lot of it in times of trouble... or also in times of haste when we don't spread it out right or don't let it set... the crease sets in. Dun dun DUN! You know what I'm talking about. The undereye crease. The deep dark recesses of your delicate under-eye skin where makeup goes to collect, gather, and then laugh at you in the mirror halfway thru the day when you go into the bathroom expecting to look fresh, and instead you just look like a rained-on watercolor painting. Insert - Bare Minerals Well-Rested under-eye powder. Nobody is paying me to say this. I just love it. I use it OVER TOP of all of the liquids or creams, so that sh*t stays where I put it!

I work on brides! They cry, they sweat, they blot, they cry, they sweat, they blot. I am getting married in August. I am going to cry, and sweat, and blot, and then do it all again too.

(If me watching this new first episode of Downton Abbey Season 6 was any indication, I am going to be more of a mess than most.)

I will have well-rested in my arsenal on the big day. I have it on my face every day. I put it everywhere where I even think I might have a crease. I mean, around the laugh line area, around the chin, t-zone if you want a little shine-reduction, and - most importantly - under the eyes, so that liquid concealer doesn't have a fun little meeting around my under-eye bags to point out the error of my ways.

So, if you can relate, get thee to a Bare Minerals / Sephora / Ulta, wherever you go to get good makeup, and get some of that. Oh, also, the brush that comes with it, I attribute to half of the magic that goes on. So get the brush, too.

Over and out, oh, and you're welcome.



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