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Welcome to my blog! As a New Year begins, I begin my brand new website! The layout I have created allows for a sensible blog. I will try to be diligent and blog... errm.. let's shoot for twice a month, as I have never blogged before - unless you count that middle school classic - Xanga.

If you're new to my business page, this blog will serve as my introduction. Going forward, I will endeavor to branch out and feature clients I am currently working with, weddings I have done, and feature some of my favorite makeup / beauty products I cannot live without. I hope you find this blog to be helpful, informative and entertaining!

I am an actor first and foremost, which I would say is where my mandatory love of makeup began. Actors from bottom to top on the totem pole of success HAVE to do their own makeup (save being in a big budget film). Yes, even Broadway actors have to do their own makeup once their products are purchased and the makeup designer for the show tells them what they're doing with said products. I know this because my sister is the lead in a broadway show. More on that later.

Being on stage is where I started wearing makeup... however it quickly implimented itself into my day-to-day life when in the 3rd grade all the kids said I looked pale and sick. "You look like the bag of milk". Ah yes... the classic line. First of all - Bag of Milk. Do those still exist?! Second of all, rude. My mom was a Mary Kay lady.. (still is actually - love that balancing moisturizer.) and endowed me with my first ever blush palette. I think it was called dusty rose? Something sweet and young. I would brush it over my cheeks to look like I had gotten a slight sunburn and everyone stopped making fun of me. I think this is really where my love of makeup began, that it literally saved my elementary self from being made fun of for being beautifully fair skinned. Oh how things change, when you grow up and realize your porcelain skin is a lovely gift. If any fair skinned friends don't feel that way, you ought to. I mean look at Cate Blanchette, Kate Winslette, Nicole Kidman, these ladies are classic and exude elegance. Work what you got.

I digress...

Fast forward to high school. I graduated a year in advance, having accelerated my high school courses because, well, "ain't nobody got time for that" was basically my mentality before it was a viral sensation. I took the extra year between high school and college to dance my face off in dance classes, and I thought it would be a good idea to get some serious training in makeup. It had become more than a hobby (I think the word here is obsession) and I wanted a formal education in it, so maybe I could put more people in the seats than just my friends who I repeatedly pinned down to practice a hurricane eyeliner effect on.

I learned a lot in my 6-week course in Beauty Makeup at the Makeup Designory in SoHo, New York, where I lived with my sister (which was great fun!). I learned that Julia Roberts and Abraham Lincoln are 2 of the most asymmetrical faces in history. I also learned safe makeup cleaning practices from products and brushes. Rubbing alcohol is your friend. I learned a lot of other very important and practical applications for makeup that are now engrained in my methods (aside from curling your eyelashes with a spoon in a pinch - luckily still have not needed that one.) Anyway, it was great.

After that I started doing friends weddings, and theatrical events regularly, and for friends formals & birthdays per their requests. Things started taking off, and now - 10 years later - armed with another trusty tool bonded with 3 years ago- my airbrush machine - I am doing weddings every single weekend in the season. I also love it! I still perform and have 2 other regular jobs as well, but makeup has been a creative outlook for me.

I also developed adult onset acne (I was a vegetarian, after 2 years it didn't work anymore for me and my skin revolted - another story for another day.) so I got REALLY great at covering up the itching purple cystic zits that were covering my face. Ouch. Happy to say that is almost a distant memory, after a 5 year struggle, but I still consider acne coverage to be my #1 best skill, if I am doing any self-touting here. So, if you need acne & scar coverage - or you have eczema or scars from poison ivy or the like, do not be afraid. I am here for you and I understand better than most people.

My goal, as your makeup artist, is to make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and like yourself - the most flawless, un-tired, natural OR glamorous (depending on how big we're going! You know I love those lashes.) version of yourself you desire.

Xoxo -


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