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  • Theresa

Super Bowl Super Star - Lady GaGa

OK! I cannot wait any longer to expound upon on my personal highlight moment of the Super Bowl!!!

Lady Gaga!!!

First of all, Let us discuss how wonderfully she did. She did, with a wink, the contemporary riffs and pop nods that our current culture is used to, but sounded crisp, clear, strong, and ON-POINT! She didn't over-embellish. She didn't need to... Because her MAKEUP and that SUIT did it all !!!!

This is the stuff of Super Bowl Dreams.

This magical pant-suit is like that crayola red glittery puffy paint we all had - or ought to have had - as kids... do you know the stuff I mean? In that clear plastic tube. I couldn't get enough of that when I was 8, and now I can't get enough of the fact that she wore it as a pant-suit.

The patriotic blue glitter nails were SO MUCH that I couldn't even handle them. In true GaGa fashion, the manicure was NOT neglected.... also showing off that crazy heart-shaped engagement ring of course. #goodjobtaylorkinney

I can't even begin to talk about her crystal & silver microphone & earbuds because they're so amazingly glamorous.

BUT... The pièce de résistance. Those eyelids. Those freaking incredible, maginificent eyelids. Whether she came up with them or her incredible makeup artist, Sarah Nicole Tanno (click her name for her amazing instagram) did, I cannot say. All I can guess is that it was probably sheer collaborative genius based off of the magical mystery pant-suit, and Sarah made it happen. It's perfection. Perfect shape, great signature GaGa eyebrows, and her perfectly neutral, contoured skin, with a nude lip. It is bananas.. and that wig! I am overcome.

Let's just get a closer shot of the eyelids. Sarah took that glitter down to the lower lash line perfectly too. It's almost too much to handle how great this intense and dramatic look is.

I understand that this might be a lot for some people, and certainly not an every day look. Some of you might say "woof, that's a LOT," or think it's tacky. I am just going to remind you that in the beginning, Lady GaGa wore dresses made of meat or kermit the frogs. So. This is just pure glamour, especially looking at it from an artistic and expressive standpoint. Also, if you are feeling like going full-out on the 4th of July, here's an option!

Now, for everyone seeking to copy this amazing red glitter lid, here's how!

First, prime your eyelids and prime them well. If you want, you can apply the glitter directly to the damp primer lids, but that's probably not going to have as dense and pigmented glittery effect. So, I would recommend doing a creamy red shadow.

I found this one, by Makeup Forever! (click to buy) Aqua Cream Eyeshadow in 8 - Red. This will provide a nice tacky base to lay on a thick layer of glitter.

But here is the real magic, and the stuff of dreams that adorned Lady Gaga's ruby gilded lids.

Makeup Forever - Red Glitter. The link below is going to take you to ALL of Makeup Forever's endless array of glitters... because.. well... I'm just gonna leave this here:


Then, you will need a tissue to cover the under-eye area, as you take a classic silicone applicator. Dampen in water (or sealer) and dip it in the glitter to collect. Press firmy over the enitre eyelid, using tissue to catch any fairy dust that falls from the lid.

For a project this intensley pigmented and glittery, I would recommend a sealer so that it stays put! Luckily, if you're buying all of this, Makeup Forever can be your one-stop shop as they have a really nice makeup sealer that you can just use the silicone applicator, or a little concealer brush and daub a bit of sealer over the eyelids to make sure that glitter stays put!

I will NOT be mad if I see glittery eyelids making a huge comeback!!!! Thanks, GaGa!