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The Oscars!

The Glitz, the Glamour, the memories of Old Hollywood, The Controversy!

Ah, yes! The Oscars.

I love this night when Hollywoods best & brightest take to the red carpet to show off their best (or most interesting) looks. I love gathering with my friends, drinking wine, and remarking on all the goings on for Hollywood's biggest night! I can do without all the soapbox drama... but these are artists after all - so the drama has always been/wiil always be a necessary evil. I also love the morning after the Oscars - when I get to comb thru the red carpet photos and research the WHO, WHAT, and WEAR of how everyone came up with their beautiful, classic, and daring looks.

Now, I get to sound off AND give you tips and tricks to conducting your own research on how to acheive some of these looks, and the links to follow the amazing artists responsible! The BIG takeaway from Oscars Red Carpet Makeup: Monochromatic (Matching your makeup to your gown) is IN! Read and learn how to do it right...

I am not going to focus on the negative, but on the positive of The Oscar red carpet moments only - because there were just SO MANY beautiful things about last night!

The first person that sticks out in my mind - and mostly for her gown - and her ALWAYS near-perfect performances, that just keep getting better and better:

Cate Blanchette

Ok, maybe I'm biased, and I know some people - SOMEHOW - did not LOVE this insanely intricate and beyond stunning gown by Armani Prive on Cate. I don't know how, but I can;t be bothered to try and wrap my head around how you could not love this ethereal, perfectly blue/teal fairytale creation dotted with Swarovski crystals and light airy blue feather-flower appliques. The Tiffany's bracelet & earrings don't hurt one bit. This is literally a dress of my dreams. Also, it is very apparent how perfectly it suits Cate's dewy, milky complexion, and fits her tall, hourglass frame better than a glove (fit for an Elven queen)! It is my favorite look of the night! But I digress...

Onto the Makeup!

Cate's skincare routine is very well-publicized in magazines, as she is the spokeswoman (and has been for years) for SK-II. So if you want her flawless skin - stay out of the sun, and give that a try. I have not tried it myself, yet, but I'm not unwilling! Cate's makeup artist Jeanine Lobell (<--click to view candid Oscar photos of Cate & Jeanine's work on Jeanine's instagram) did a masterful job adding subtle color with Armani's makeup line - namely, their cream eye shadows. I loved the subtle smokey eye, and the almost pink lip. Everything about this look was a homerun. To read more about how to get this look, The Hollywood Reporter did an excellent article! Click Here to read it.

Saoirse Ronan

I first loved Saorise (pronounced

Ser-cha) in Grand Budapest Hotel. This year, I saw Brooklyn and I loved her in that. In fact, I loved the whole movie! This gorgeous emerald gown & emerald & white earrings (one white, one green - interesting!) is a lovely nod to the Emerald Isle, which is

her heritage in real life & the movie!

The Makeup!

Saoirse's monochromatic makeup -which took the red carpet by storm - was done by: Mai Quynh (<--click to view candid Oscar photos of Saoirse & Mai's work on Mai's instagram) using all Chanel makeup products, is on point! I love how the soft green & silver smokey eye ties in her Calvin Klein gown and those awesome Chopard earrings perfectly. Saoirse was not the only one sporting monochromatic makeup (makeup that matched the color of the dres & accessories) but hers was certainly my favorite! That shimmery emerald under-eye line was gorgeous!

Tina Fey

Tina Fey BROUGHT the glam to the red carpet. She is SLAYING!!! It is a very different vibe from Tina, and I loved it! Breathtaking.

The whole ensemble, from tip to toe is flawless. Her up-do was gorgeous, and that jewel-toned purple Versace gown was the perfect shade and beyond figure flattering. Let's take a moment of silence for the necklace.....

Ok. My favorite part of her ensemble - That Bulgari sapphire necklace! One of the best pieces of jewelry on the red carpet, and that is saying something!!! Tina's makeup artist, Gita Bass (<--click for instagram) chose a monochromatic look for Tina as well, tying together the purple gown and jewel toned blue necklance into a "Young Elizabeth Taylor" inspired eye look, using all NARS products, especially this NARS purple longwear eyeliner to make Tina's gorgeous cat-eye for the big event! A winner!

Rachel McAdams

Let's just take a moment for this plunging back, deep forest green show-stopping gown by August Getty Atelier!!! Allegedly, This dress is not even out yet! she got it before it has even hit the runway. She made the right choice! This shade of Jade on her is exceptional. Her hair is simple and elegant and those drop earrings are gorgeous. The slit in the front showing major gam is equally as incredible as the back.

My Favorite Part about all of this, however, is Rachel's makeup. I am obsessed with this emerald eyeliner! (actually an eye shadow, but there are no rules here!)

More than that, I am obsessed with Rachel's makeup artist: Kayleen McAdams.... sound familiar!? It's Rachel's pro makeup artist little sister! What's not to love!?!?! I love keeping things all in the family, and sister did not let her down... how could you when you use all Chanel products?

To get that gorgeous emerald eyeline: Chanel Illusion L'Ombre Long-wear luminous shadow in Griffith Green

Lady Gaga

Mother Monster has done it again. Not only did she do a gut-wrenching and heartfelt performance of her song "Til It Happens To You" for the documentary on rape The Hunting Ground, she also slayed on the red carpet. While her strapless white pantsuit with train - custom-designed by her go-to friend & costumer Brandon Maxwell may have been a miss for some people, I thought it was a sharp, clean look for Gaga, and I like the lines of it. Her on-staff makeup artist, one of my favorites: Sarah Tanno

continues to stun us with new looks. SO MANY LOOKS IN LIKE 2 MONTHS!!! This is life with Gaga. The Superbowl, The David-Bowie AMAZINGNESS for the Grammy's, and now THIS. This ethereal, shimmery peachy pink lid, and neutral peachy-pink cheeks & lips. It is just gorgeous on Gaga. She looks like a springtime dream, with all makeup done using Sisley Paris products. I want to get my hands on all of this for a dreamy Easter/Mother's Day Brunch look. A true favorite.

Charlize Theron

So I think we can all agree that Charlize Theron is not human. Not like the rest of us are, anyway. I saw her in Mad Max, and with a shaved head, and dark war paint, dirt, and crap on her face she still looked gorgeous. I don't know how. Maybe she's an alien, maybe it's witchcraft. But of course, put some dark eyeliner on her, and a plunging Coral Red gown by

Dior and THE MOST expensive jewelry to hit the red carpet (According to Forbes, she wore: 3.7 Million dollars worth of Harry Winston diamonds, including the Secret Cluster Diamond Necklace which clocks in at a whopping 48.8 carats!)

Charlize could never let us down, and neither did her makeup artist Francesca Tolot (tho we now know you can put dirt on Charlize and she'll look good). Using all Dior products, Francesca gave Charlize a coppery brown smokey eye, and nude lip. Don't go looking for this lip color just yet. It's not even out yet! But in May, the Dior Addict Milky Tint Lip Fluid in Milky Plum could be yours. Keep your eyes peeled!

Honorable Mentions

These ladies hit the mark, in one way or another, that deserves a nod.

Alicia Vikander

She won that well-deserved Oscar for best supporting actress in The Danish Girl (she was amazing!!!), she was also equally incredible in Ex Machina as an artificially intelligent robot who outsmarts man, which I also saw and enjoyed her tremendously in. Her gorgeous yellow Louis Vuitton gown hearkened back to Belle in Beauty & The Beast & the shade of yellow sang of springtime, itself! I love this gown. She did seem especially tanned tho... and her hair.. did they forget to brush the top?

Brie Larson

A Win I had my fingers crossed for all night (along with Leo, of course!!!) Miss Brie Larson won Best Actress for Room! (See it. She's incredible.)

She also won best dressed with this STUNNING custom-made Gucci gown - Royal Blue with the perfect length train, and the most glamorously belted waistline on the red carpet, encased in jewels of all sorts!

She looked like a true winner. Her pop of lip color (thanks to Brie's amazing makeup artist Rachel Goodwin) was a welcome change to her usual beachy, neutral, girl next-door look. Rachel stated on Pret-a-Reporter that they were inspired by The Renaissance era with the Lapis blue gown and the deep fuschia lip.

To get this vivid lip color, use: Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour in Rayonnante

She belonged on the red carpet last night.

The reason I didn't put her in my favorites tho, really was her hair. It was too severe for her flawless skin, gorgeous gown, and absolutely glowing disposition.

There you have it! Hopefully this was informative, insightful, and helpful if you are seeking to tackle these gorgeous red carpet looks for yourself. If you do get any of the products, and give them a try, please comment and let me know how you loved them!

Xo -


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