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The time Claire Danes won at life.. and the 4 MAJOR makeup trends we saw at the Met Gala...

The Met Gala is THE one true source - the fountain of fashion youth, if you will, and I will- for the most avante garde and creative looks that we see on celebrities...once a year... in real life (not just in an editorial)! It is the highly-anticipated, annual expression of costume & couture clothier magic that everyone in the fashion world anxiously awaits with baited breath. This year, with the theme Manus X Machina - Man Versus Machine - we could expect some serious juxtaposition between couture creations and technical advances. With an event sponsored by Apple, headed by Anna Wintour, and attended by the who's-who in the entire celebrity universe, you know going into it that you are not going to be disappointed. This year was one of my favorite years ever in Met Gala history. While I did think, at times, that people could have taken the theme even farther, in a literal technical application of clothing, every metallic, every glittering, floral, gold & silver confection was a delight for the eyes, and inspired day dreams of our very own Greek-Roman-Princess-Goddess closet filled with these magical, mystical wares.

This leads me to the specimen that WON THE NIGHT - and so did her designer, mostly. Claire Danes wearing a Zac Posen original in her CINDERELLA-inspired Fiber-Optic Light Up Gown. This gown is every girls DREAM. Come. True. The perfect marriage of glamour with the most elegant shape of any gown I've ever seen, that's not a cartoon, and a technical miracle. The fact that Zac Posen pulled this gown off, making it look like a real life sparkling Disney princess and NOT a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Mistake, is nothing short of magic.

Where words fail, music speaks. Where there is no music, there are pictures, and here they are. Also, here is the link to Zac Posen's instagam where you can see this mystical mermicorn gown move and glitter in real life. I can't. But I'm doing my best to try.

Holy Crap. No Words.

Ok, moving on. All Honorable mentions go to everyone dressed in Balmain in their shining metallic Knight-inspired armor-like ensembles, that all pleasingly reminded me of the top of the Chrysler building, which I found very aesthetically soothing for some reason - probably the symmetry & clean lines. #OCDProblems

All these beautiful women ROCKED the gorgeous looks like a team of Wonder Women!

Now, onto the other IMPORTANT business at hand. The Makeup trends. This is pretty simple, and it is shocking how across the board these trends spanned on the red carpet last night. 4 things happened... and most of them simultaneously.

1. DARK LIPS - This has been a thing since before last fall, but as the Man Vs. Machine theme of the Met Gala seems to imply edginess, nothing says Edgy like a dark and vampy lip. Even our usual light and ethereal red carpet goddesses like Rachel McAdams, Brie Larson & T.Swift went DARK with their lip color. Now you can too. The dark lip color possibilities are ENDLESS nowadays. Every brand of makeup has dark lip options - from crimson to oxblood, from violet to midnight - the lip color world is your oyster. Best too keep everything else simple tho if you're doing the dark lip, and maybe don't also wear intricately beaded metals & also the smokey eye. But I won't judge you if you do it all, I will probably award your bravery & courage like these Red Carpet Warriors. Here are some inspirations from last nights epic event to inspire your next trip to Sephora or Ulta:

2. The Smokey Eye - self-explanatory. See Above. Literally everyone had a stellar smokey eye.

3. Glowing Cheekbone - Everyone's cheekbone game was On. Point. To achieve a subtle glow, try Hourglass - Ambient Light , the ever-popular Anastasia Glow Kit, or kick it into high gear gold shimmer like I enjoy doing, and do a light dusting of Bare Minerals eye-shadow (yes, eye-shadow) in Queen Phyllis (available in Bare Minerals Stores Only). You will definitely feel like queen-for-a-day. (Click each underlined product to find out more/buy)

4. Metallic Eye-shadow - Metallic's had more of a moment than just in the fabric that adorned these beautiful celebrities. These stars shone - literally - in metallic eye-makeup. The aforementioned Queen Phyllis - when applied with a damp brush - becomes an exceptionally metallic gold that can be used as a dramatic, gleaming goddess look for a fresh new take to your every day, or evening out, eye makeup routine. Or you can take a page out of Kristen Stewart's makeup artist's book and opt for a silver, geometric, 80's inspired look. While K-Stew's whole ensemble was one of my least favorite of the night, the eye makeup was very fun and unique. If you want to take it to a whole new level, you can always put the gold shadow on your EYEBROWS, like Lily Aldridge did! This hearkens to the styles of amazing makeup artist Pat McGrath - who happens to have a new line out at Sephora, and is OBSESSED with metallics. Whatever you chose, it will definitely be interesting.

I leave you with this: If, like me, you're now in the market for a fiber optic gown... you can buy fiber optic fabric here:


Just sayin'....



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